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Sacramental Life - Confirmation Retreat
January 24, 2015

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Confirmation Retreat - We Make Decisions Everyday - Often the decisions we make will change our lives. Sometimes outcomes are out of our control, but we still need to handle how we handle life. On Saturday, January 24, our Confirmation class had its annual retreat. Much of the day Fr. Terry Deffenbaugh spends time helping our youth to learn to make some better decisions. In one of the exercises Fr. Terry gives the students different “life situations” and several ways to handle them. He makes all the kids pick one of the ways to handle the situations (no sitting on the sidelines in life). Then he makes them explain why they made the choices they made. I wish I could say all of our kids picked the best choices all the time, but they didn’t. I wish I could say I’ve always been perfect in my decision making. I’ll bet you wish you made a few better choices over the years too. It is because of this I know our kids have a bright future. Parents help your children with their future. Talk to your kids about hard choices in life.

Larry Cubalchini

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