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Parish General - A NIGHT AT THE RACES
April 9, 2011

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Congratulations to these lucky horses and their owners who won $100 at our "Night at the Races" on April 9th:

KELLY'S COTTAGE - Phil & Donna McGrath
ROSE - The Garrity Kids
RILEY'S RETURN - Mark & Jen Kearns
SHEEN - Tricia & Bill Boyle
FANNY MAY - The McDonough Family
JIM DANDY - Julie Lalowski & John Wojt
MOREIN - Mike & Maureen Connolly
YOUNG BLOOD - AJ, Nicole & Sydney (Kwit Table)

The Triple Crown Auction Race was won by ASSAULT and their owners. Table #21 split $1,225.00!

Congratulations to our first ever Grand Champion - JIM DANDY & owners Julie Lalowski & John Wojt.
Jim & Julie won $1,000!




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