Respect Life Ministry

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you."
Jer. 1:5

Mission Statement

The Respect Life Committee exists to promote within our Church Community a culture where every human being is valued and protected from conception to the end of their natural life. We seek to create awareness of the life affirming position of the Roman Catholic Church regarding the most vulnerable. Ministry activities will respectfully promote education over protest, empathy over indifference and unity over division. We will strive to conduct events that aid and support human life.

Volunteer opportunities:

The Women's Center of Greater Chicagoland needs volunteers to help with fund raising activities, answer phones and to spend an hour or two with God in Perpetual Adoration. Call at 773-794-1313 or

Special Request from NorthWest Families
for Life:

Are you a knitter? We are almost out of baby booties to give to mothers entering or leaving the clinic. These small tokens of love are a powerful physical symbol of the life inside which they cannot yet see.

Would you be willing to knit some pink or blue booties? Please let us know. Your handiwork could make the difference between life and death.

The booties are given out at a Des Plaines, IL clinic. Please call Mary at the numbers below if you are interested.

The St. Tarcissus Respect Life Committee always welcomes new members. Call the Parish Office at 773-763-8228 and leave a message for the Respect Life Committee.

"Every Child… brings us God's smile and reminds us to recognize
that life is His gift, a gift to be welcomed with love and preserved
with care always and at every moment."
Pope Benedict XVI




Ongoing Event

The Women’s Center (a Catholicbased organization helping women in crisis pregnancies and offering lifeaffirming alternatives to abortion) needs YOU… Are you a college or HS student, a retired adult, or a servanthearted person with flexible Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm availability, looking to fill your time with volunteer work? Starting now, your help is needed preparing 8,000 bottles for our Baby Bottle Campaign by cleaning, tagging, and boxing them so they can be sent out to churches and schools. The spare change we collect in this campaign is our biggest fundraiser so your help is critical to its success! It is a perfect project for up to four people at a time who want to talk and work on a project.

We are located at 5116 N. Cicero Avenue (between Foster and Elston). Hours are flexible but 3 hour shifts of from 9 am to 12 Noon, from 1 to 4 pm, or other weekly hours are preferred. Or make a day of it: clean bottles from 9 am to 12 Noon, attend Mass in our St. Jude Chapel at 12 Noon, enjoy lunch, then dive back in till 4 pm or 5 pm.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping on this project. I promise you will love your time serving here! Contact Paige at or 773-794-8807 for more details and to learn other volunteer opportunities at The Women’s Center.



Websites of Interest

Archdiocese of Chicago - Respect Life Office

USCCB - Respect Life Program

USCCB Conscious Rights - Conscience Protection

Center of Hope and Healing

Project Rachel - Hope After Abortion
Archdiocese: Chicago
Project Rachel Contact: Victor or Debbie
Referral Phone: 888-456-HOPE; 312-337-1962

Feel free to call with questions or concerns!
Parish Office
773-763-8228 or e-mail at