St. Tarcissus Athletics exist for the purpose of encouraging and promoting Catholic Christian values, physical fitness, competitive spirit, and the athletic interest of the students of St. Tarcissus School. It offers quality sports and intramural programs for the young parishioners of St. Tarcissus, as governed by the by-laws of the Athletic Board.

The board consists of the athletic director, moderators from each sport, and a member selected by the principal. The principal and physical education teacher are members sitting on the board. Moderators for each sport are approved by the board and are active in the sports they represent. The board meets a minimum of ten times during the year, with nine of those times being during the school year and one time in August prior to the beginning of school. There is a set agenda for every meeting prepared by the chairperson. In addition, any member has the opportunity to address the board. The chairperson, however, has the right to limit the discussion of the topics that are brought up in this manner.

The Athletic Board also legislates over all sports activities offered through the school and parish. This includes the policies of the various sports, fund raising, financial status, medical and gym/sports release forms, sports allowed in the social center, social center use and eligibility.

St. Tars offers the following sports for boys: baseball, basketball, football, 16" softball, volleyball, wrestling, spring and fall cross country and spring and fall track and field. For girls we offer: basketball, cheerleading and seasonal cheerleading, 12" softball, volleyball, spring and fall cross country and spring and fall track and field.

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